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Choose your Option to market within Customs Union

What do you need to do if you want to sell your products or do business in the Customs Union countries (Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus)?


1. Find out whether your products are entered in the “Uniform List of Products Subject to Mandatory Conformity Assessment (Attestation) within the Customs Union” or are subject to the corresponding technical regulations of the Customs Union or National Lists of Mandatory Conformity Assessment;

2a. If the answer is “yes” in step No. 1, you need to obtain certificates of conformity or complete a Customs Union declaration of conformity and/or obtain National Certificates of Conformity;

2b. If the answer is “no” in step No. 1, you may be required to provide an “exemption letter” for customs and/or other regulatory bodies;

3. In order to obtain the certificates and declarations of conformity described in step 2a, you must submit a document package to the authorized body of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Russian Federation (see the documentation set for your industry) prepared in Russian and/or the national language of the Customs Union member country;

4. Find out whether you need additional permits or an expert examination of the products you are importing (fire fighting permit, certificate of state registration, etc.). If the answer is “yes”, you must submit a document package to the authorized bodies according to the national laws of the Customs Union member countries;

5. You must complete and obtain customs documents for the imported products;

6. Use legal services to resolve issues concerning permits (varying interpretations, nuances and loopholes) arising in the legislative environment of the country where you are selling products.


1. Make use of the Certification & Permitting Support service by placing a check mark opposite.


What "Certification & Permitting Support" gives You?

If you are a business owner, every minute is scheduled and you have to deal with a whole range of issues every day. So it’s really important that the functions you’ve assigned to outside organizations are performed on time, responsibly and without unnecessary headaches for you.

Therefore, we take your needs into consideration and offer a Certification & Permitting Support service developed especially for this. It allows you to start working and selling your products in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus quickly and smoothly.

"Certification & Permitting Support" includes a package of services designed to resolve the following issues:

1. Determining whether mandatory conformity attestation is required;

2. Preparation of the full set of documentation you need to obtain the permits required in your case (and translation into Russian and the national languages of the Customs Union member countries);

3. Tests performed by highly skilled professionals in our accredited Testing Center if necessary;

4. Carrying out inspections and traveling to your facility if necessary;

5. Obtaining the permits you need to do business in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus;

6. Protecting your interests with respect to permits;

7. If you do not have a representative in the Customs Union who can act as your Authorized Person, we can help you look for partners (specialized repair and maintenance service centers);

8. Obtaining customs documents;

9. 24/7 support, private meetings and Skype conferences on issues of concern to you;

10. Access to a personal account where you can track the progress of your case at each stage, get online advice and keep up with the news and much more;

11. Keeping your permits up to date (amendments to national laws, change of status in the Customs Union, etc.);

12. Guaranteeing the reliability and legal authenticity of the documents you receive;

13. We are under Canadian jurisdiction, giving you additional assurance that we are operating legally and are a reliable partner for your business.


What happens when we receive your general inquiry?

1. Please provide more detailed information in order to receive the best quality and fastest service;

2. Your inquiry will be considered immediately, and we will request additional information if necessary;

3. You will receive a quotation with prices and estimated time scales;

3. If you are satisfied with the quotation, you will receive our service agreement for consideration and signature;

4. We will start working as soon as you have approved the agreement;

5. You can get advice, ask questions and track the progress of your case at each stage 24/7.


Time Scales and Pricing

We know how important prompt, first-rate solutions to issues are for you, so we’ll do the work for you as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

A schedule with the estimated time scales for performing the work will be available to you, but without exact timeframes, since the response time depends on government bodies.

Наши конкурентные преимущества и сильные стороны

Законность и качество
Наши услуги предоставляются в соответствии с Законодательством Республики Казахстан и ЕАЭС. Качество предоставленных услуг гарантировано испытательной базой и профессиональными экспертами.

Собственный Испытательный центр
Мы располагаем собственным испытательным центром, оснащенным большим и уникальным парком испытательного и измерительного оборудования, который постоянно дополняется и обновляется.

Индивидуальный подход к клиенту
При обращении к нам, мы гарантируем Вам выделение персонального высококвалифицированного специалиста для решения поставленных Вами задач.

Представители за рубежом
Наша Компания имеет представителей в Российской Федерации, Канаде и Великобритании, что позволяет оперативно реагировать на запросы клиентов.

СМК соответствует ISO 9001
В нашей компании внедрена и поддерживается система менеджмента качества, соответствующая международному стандарту ISO 9001, сертифицированная Ассоциацией по сертификации «Русский Регистр» и IQNet.

Высококвалифицированные специалисты
В Компании работает более 100 высококвалифицированных специалистов, многие из которых являются экспертами-аудиторами и техническими экспертами в разных областях деятельности.

Мы одна из крупнейших компаний в СНГ
Мы являемся одной из ведущих компаний в сфере подтверждения соответствия и экспертизы в области промышленной безопасности.

Мы любим, ценим и уважаем наших клиентов
Мы любим, ценим и уважаем своих клиентов, приходите к нам и Вы узнаете что такое по-настоящему высокий сервис и внимательное отношение. Вы полюбите нас.